General Information

The primary purpose of filters is to protect the indoor coil from dust build up which could reduce the
overall performance of the air conditioner. It is very important to regularly check and clean your
filters once a month.

The majority of service calls are due to a dirty or blocked filter and in most cases a service fee is 

charged even if the air conditioner is under warranty.

Outdoor Maintenance

Keep your outdoor condenser unit free of debris. Keep grass clippings, leaves and debris away from
your unit, it should only require minimal care to operate properly.

Check the safety drain. If water is coming out, turn off the air conditioner and call Jadair.

Manage the Thermostat
Generally the best temperature to set your air conditioner to is around 23˚C to 25˚C in summer and
20˚C to 22˚C in winter.

No matter how efficient your system is, your lifestyle can affect your heating and cooling costs. Of
course you want to feel comfortable when you’re home, but when you’re away consider lowering
your thermostat, by doing this, this can help save a significant amount of energy.

A yearly maintenance should be carried out. This will extend the life of the air conditioning system, and keep it at its peak efficiency.
If your machine is not operating as you expect read the operation manual first.



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